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NGO "Ivano-Frankivsk IT cluster"


28 - 30 November 2018 
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine


We invite to participate in international scientific-technical conference of students, postgraduate students and young scientist "Computer science, information technologies and management systems young scientist conference"(CSYSC-2018). The conference will be held November 28-30, 2018 at Vasyl Stefanyk Precapathian National University, dept. of Computer Science and Information Systems (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

Students, postgraduate students, young scientists, engineers, specialists, experts, businessmen are invited to participate in the conference, which at the moment of conference (November 18, 2018) should be younger than 35 years old (at least one of the authors of materials should meet age criteria).

The purpose of the conference is to exchange scientific ideas and experience in branches of applied computer science, information technologies and management systems.

Co-organizers of the conference are the companies of the public organization "Ivano-Frankivsk IT cluster", specializing in software development.

CSYSC-2018 provides a unique opportunity to establish scientific partnership, exchange scientific ideas and active professional communication of young scientists.


Invitation can be downloaded by link.

You can fill in the application form bylink.

Example document of conference proceedings could be downloaded here .doc.

Conference Chairman

Ihor Cependa Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

Conference Program Committee

Prof. Biloshchytskiy A.O. 

 Prof. Bisikalo O.V.

Prof. Borysenko O.A.

Prof. Veirikh M.

Prof. Holub S.V.

Prof. Hunchenko Y.O.

Prof. Dyvak M.P.

Prof. Dubovoi V.M.

Prof. Zahorodniuk A.V.

Prof. Zamikhovskiy L.M.

Prof. Zatorskyi R.A.

Prof. Kazakova N.F.

Prof. Kvietnyi R.N.

Prof. Kohut I.T.

Prof. Malakhov E.V.

Prof. Maslianka P.

Prof. Mirzoakhmedov F.

Prof. Nykyforchyn O.R.

Prof. Parkhuts L.T.

Prof. Petryshyn H.P.

Prof. Petryshyn I.S.

Prof. Petryshyn O.V.

Prof. Petryshyn R.I.

Prof. Pylypiv V.M.

Prof. Romaniuk O.N.

Prof. Sviatyi V.A.

Prof. Syniehlazov V.M.

Prof. Sobchuk H.

Prof. Sokhatskiy F.M. 

 Prof. Shyshmanov K.T.

Co-chairmen Organizing committee

Prof. Petryshyn L.B.

Prof. Lebkowski P.

Prof. Luzhetskyi V.A.

Prof. Bezkrovainyi V.V.

NGO "Ivano-Frankivsk IT cluster"

Organizing Committee working group

Dr. Kobzev V.H.

Dr. Iliash Y.Y.

Dr. Gorelov V.O.

Dr. Rovinskyi V.A.

Dr. Semankiv M.V.

Dr. Prevysokova N.V.

Executive secretary of Organizing Committee

Petryshyn M.L. +380505514919

Organizing Committee technical group

Maksymets V.Z., engineer-programmer

Izmailov A.V., postgraduate student

Conference dates and venue

November, 28—30,  2018

department of computer science,
faculty of mathematics and computer science,

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian national university (Ivano-Frankivsk) 

Key Dates

16.11.2018 – Deadline to submit abstracts and registration

23.1.2018 – Abstract acceptance notification, Sending out conference schedules and invitations


Ukrainian, English, Polish

(without simultaneous interpretation)

Section structure

1. Computer science

2. Information technologies

3. Management systems

4. Game development

Participants who plan to take remote part in conference will have opportunity to show their materials online (by webinar, video conference, Internet telephony etc.)

Detailed information about online presentation posted on

Participants of the conference can also present their materials on posters (posters of A1 format). The content and design of the poster is arbitrary, but it must represent the main provisions of the author's materials: the names of the authors, the title of the report, the material of scientific research, formulas, diagrams, illustrations, etc. The upper part of the poster should contain information about the institution (name and emblem, contact details, etc.).

We strongly ask you not to use single-color, gradient and other backgrounds, as well as other decorative elements that increase the cost of printing.

The Organizing Committee will print your posters and prepare them for a presentation.

For speakers, it is recommended to prepare a presentation in MS Power Point or PDF format.


Abstract formatting guidelines

During writing materials for 2, 3, 4 full pages, you must apply the MS Office 2003 template.

With the article, you need to provide feedback from the supervisor.

If the authors submit non-English materials, in order to index materials in science-centered databases, the following information should be duplicated: "PaperTitle", "AuthorsName/s", "Affiliation", "Dept. nameof organization "," City, Country "," e-mail "," address ", in English.

Also, you need to submit the advanced "Abstract" and "Keywords" in English.

The tape "Literature" must be duplicated in English "References". Links are provided in the original language according to requirements of IEEE.

Autocute is warned.

If the materials are in English, these duplicates should be duplicated in Ukrainian.

With the article, you need to provide feedback from the supervisor.

Materials are subject to review.

Electronic versions must be sent to the Organizing Committee by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until November 26, 2018.

Accepted and reviewed materials will be published in PDF format in the electronic collection of conference materials, which will be provided by the ISBN, and which will be in free access at the conference sites, the library of Vasyl Stephanyk Precarpathian National University and V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.


Accommodation and food: onsite. A block of hotel rooms may be reserved for conference participants. Hotel is located very close to the city center.

Lesi Ukrainky str, 4.

If you need a place to stay please inform the organizing committee in advance.

Conference Fees

Participation in international science and technical conference «Computer science, Information technologies and management systems young scientist conference» (CSYSC-2018) and electronic publication (pdf) are free of charge.